About Jane

Jane Orrell is a  Yoga teacher, a natural healer, a holistic bodyworker, and artist, who has been working within the field of the healing arts for over 26 years.


She has worked both locally and internationally as a holistic bodyworker and yoga teacher and explored many aspects of the healing arts, including holistic massage, yoga, mantras & meditation,  shamanic   sound healing, reiki and the creative arts.

Her work and studies have taken her to many places over the years, including Australia, India, Cyprus, Spain and Greece over the years  as she has always enjoyed combining work with study and travel.   In 2004 she studied at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India to become a yoga teacher, and she has also spent time with the  kundalini kriya master, Satguru Yogiraj Siddhanath Gurunath, where she was shown techniques which awaken the kundalini shakti energy, whilst also expanding a state of still mind awareness in the conscious mind, which translated to feelings of deep bliss, whilst meditating. She is also a continuing student of the healing arts of Shamanism, which she originally studied in Glastonbury, and continues work with and integrate into many different parts of her life, from yoga to dreamwork and creative inspiration.


Since then she has been seeking ways in which she may be able to understand how to embody and communicate this feeling within both her yoga teaching practice, her healing practice and her creative practice. Its not been easy, going against the modern day rat race and all its social and economic conditioning of the over-busy western mindset, but she has recognized that there are 'pockets of peace' which can be integrated into modern- life. Whether its the practice of  meditating in nature, creating art or chanting mantra, or even allowing the body to dance its own truth and befriend it's own shadow.

She offers both group  yoga sessions, (which is currently online) and also private one-to-one sessions and sessions for couples and families etc. which will be available at a safe social distance outdoors.


She is also about to launch her new 'Woodland Journeys' offering which will take folk on a magical healing journey into the woods, for some nature therapy, meditation and healing arts.

She is nature lover,  and particularly loves connecting with the wisdom she finds among the trees, when she's out in the woods.

Jane lives on the Wirral, UK and also spends time regularly at a holistic community in Greece, when she can.



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