About  Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree is born of the roots and shoots of a life of curiosity and exploration into the field of the healing arts. Like the life of a tree, it is in constant connection with the nature of change. Different seasons bring different adventures,


Janie Orrell who works under the umbrella of Sacred Tree, invites  you primarily to take some time to drop down, relax, and listen to nature of your soul. the cycles of nature can serve as a great mirror for the cycles within the soul's journey. Sometimes it is time to compost what has gone before, or to plant a seed of creative intention, or  to  nourish and water that seed, to watch it grow and blossom, and then ultimately  to let it fall away and reconnect with the ever re-newing cycles of Mother Earth. Sometimes its time to bathe in a ocean of bliss, and other times its just nice to sit in the present moment and bask in the radiant beams of sunshine which are available to us when we connect with the heart. 

Janie Orrell has been working within the field of the healing arts for healing arts for over 28 years, working and studying both locally and overseas.


She is Yoga teacher, breathwork and dreamwork facilitator, a natural and shamanic healer, a holistic bodyworker, and artist. She loves singing, dancing, being in nature, laughing and crying. 

her journey has been full of ups and downs, and interesting twists and turns, and the more she moves through life, the more she has learnt to embrace it all, the rough with the smooth, the calm with he chaos, and she also appreciates both the light and the shadows, as there is the potential to find treasure in both. 

Jane offers both group sessions, both live and online  and also private one-to-one sessions in  breathwork, dreamwork, bodywork, yoga, mantra and meditation, massage therapy, and intuitive healing. In fact she's pretty adaptable and has many branches to her healing arts tree. 

She loves making art, and also encouraging other people to unlock and access  their own creative potential in whatever way that may mean. 

Perhaps you would like to work with something in particular in a creative and intuitive way, and would like to bounce some ideas around? 

Jane's intention is to always to create a safe space for healing and creative potential and exploration throughout all the modalities that she works with.  




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