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Invest in yourself

Your health is your greatest wealth. Maintaining a healthy and  balanced connection between your body, your heartmind, and your  soul's true purpose is the greatest journey we can make during these times of rapid change. 

Investing in your body mind & soul health  is one of the most important things you can do to support yourself through awareness and embodiment practices, which support your whole being through these times of constant change.



Breathwork One- to -One 

1-2-1 includes  1x 15min check- in call a few days after the session) 

1-2-1       1x 1hr 30 mins                         £60

1-2-1       1x2 hrs                                     £80


Series of 4 x 1hr 30 mins sessions         £225

Series of  6 x 1hr 30mins                       £345


Series of 4 x 2hr sessions                      £300

Series of 6 x 2hrs                                   £460


Breathwork Group sessions

Group session 2hrs                                 £25

Group session  3hrs combo                    £30    



Dreamwork sessions can be either stand alone or woven in with breathwork and shamanic healing, so the value of this work is varied according to how the dreamwork is practiced. sessions are held online in the comfort of your own home.

1hr 30 mins                                             £60

2hrs (can includes breathwork.              £80

Series of 4 x 2hr sessions                                 £300

Series of 6 x 2hr sessions                      £460



Holistic Massage Therapy  

1 hr                                                          £50

1hr 30 mins                                            £60

2 hrs                                                       £80

Seated Massage

30 minutes                                                         £30

40 minutes                                                         £40



1hr 30mins (Group) Drop in                £10

Concessions                                         £ 9

6 x 1hr 30min  (group sessions)          £ 60

Concessions                                         £ 50



Some sessions such as breathwork can be held online or in person at your own home  in the merseyside area

Bodywork Sessions can be either at your own home or at the Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic in West Kirby, Wirral, UK. subject to booking availability. 

Dreamwork sessions are currently held online unless in a live group session such as a workshop. 

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