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Conscious Connected Breathwork

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a dynamic breathing technique, which helps to activate and recalibrate the nervous system and bring it back into balance if we have been 'thrown out of kilter' by the effects of past events. It  rapidly oxygenates the body. and is an excellent way to release and express emotion in a safely held environment. 


It is used for self-healing and transformation. It is a tool which, particularly when practiced over a series of sessions enables us to become more 'present' in our bodies, hearts and minds, as we learn new ways of how to embrace  the changes in life as and when they occur.


Every breathwork session is different, basically your own body and the power of your own breath has the wisdom to show you what you need in any given moment. In one session you may feel light and ecstatic, in another you may eellike nothing is happening, and perhaps in a different session you may tap into something else, perhaps a feeling which may be less than comfortable. All of this is normal, as the medicine of the breath begins to work at its own rhythm. You are always in charge of the pace of the work.  Your body knows exactly what it needs. 


A breathwork session holds a safe container for you to experience the many different parts of yourself in order to access a deeper understanding of who you are. 

The technique is generally practiced with  an open mouth, although on some occasions it is more appropriate to breathe through the nose, which are explained during the session). 

The  inhalation is active

The exhalation is passive

There is no pause between breaths.

The focus is on remaining consciously connected to  the breath in the body throughout the breathwork session.

Its benefits can include

  • Increased feelings of Vitality

  • Balances Oxygen and CO2 levels

  • encourages a deeper sense of interoception (felt sense within the body)

  • Supports Emotional & Physical Release of tension

  • Relief from Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

  • Can help to improve the quality of sleep and general energy levels 

  • Release and integration of trauma responses and learning how to work with letting go of old 'trigger patterns' to make space for the new.

  • Supports Immune and Cardiovascular health System

  • It can help the breather to feel more 'grounded' with a feeling of 'It's ok to be in my body 


It is not an everyday practice, but serves as a powerful tool for self-healing and transformation.


In a typical Conscious Connected Breathwork session, we include a framing of the breathwork process,  


We breathe for around 40-45 minutes to music, whilst also leaving some time for  integration shares and connection. 

This work has the potential to be powerful, enlighteningly beautiful, transformational and incredibly healing. If you are ready to make this journey then why not give it a go? It is a real honour to be offering this incredible  healing modality.

Please read the contra-indications and health waiver before joining a session. Thank you.

Artist: A WAldon

Concious Connected Breathwork Sessions can be held on a one-to-one basis, or in a group setting, either online or in person. Sometimes it can be combined with other aspects of the healing arts such as Dreamwork or other combined healing arts workshops, and each session tends to bring with it, its own unique set of gifts and insights.  


Important: Because this type of breathwork can be a dynamic practice (although sometimes really gentle too). There are some practical health considerations to be aware of before practicing.  To understand more, please visit the Contra-indications and Health Waiver information page by clicking on the link below.

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