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What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a dynamic breathing system which practiced as a tool for transformation, somatic healing, and can also provide a supportive container trauma release. 

It is an active breathing technique, which encourages the participant to stay consciously connected to the wisdom of the breath, as it supports the reset of the nervous system, enabling the bodymind to  come back into balance with itself. 

We breathe to music.

Why try a breathwork session? 

Most people have experienced some form of trauma in life. Whether it is trauma with a big ’T’ where a specific life changing event has occurred and had a life changing impact on a person, or whether it is trauma with a small ’t’ , which may have occurred more subtly over time, perhaps via the environment in which we grew up, or perhaps there is a history of ancestral trauma which may effect the way in which a family does or doesn’t relate to each other. 


Whatever our experiences in life, the body tends to keep the score, and over time, the impact of unresolved  traumatic experiences can have significant effects on our longer term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, which can shape the way we function and relate to ourselves and also in our relationships with others.


Sometimes we develop ‘coping mechanism’ behavioural patterns which may have served us at a certain time in our lives, but perhaps are no longer required as we move though the different phases of life and learn to re-align with what truly serves us in the here and now. 


Conscious Connected Breathwork, uses the natural intelligence of the breath, and the environment of a supportive container, to assist the nervous system to somatically recalibrate and reboot itself, in order for it to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing.  

Much like, when we update our computer software, in order to remain bug free, when we practice breathwork in this way, it can be like a complete reset of the systems in the body. 


Worth a note......

Because Conscious Connected Breathwork is an activating technique, it is not an everyday practice,  like perhaps some forms of pranayama (yogic breathing.)  


It is also important to note, that it is not for everyone. There are some health conditions which may require a modified variation of the technique, in order for it to be practiced responsibly.


It is also advisable to practice under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. PLEASE READ THE 

HEALTH  WAIVER INFORMATION before attending a session.

To find out more about dates and venues etc. 

please visit our events page

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