Holistic Massage Therapy

How much is it ?

Full Body Massage 

(90 minutes)



Half Body Massage 

(1 hr)



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 

(45 mins)


Pregnancy Massage 




Pregnancy massage 



Seated Chair Massage (Acupressure over clothing)

£40 (45 mins)



NB: most holistic massage treatments are offered on a table with the use of natural oil blends, aside from the seated massage which is performed over clothing whilst seated in an erganomically designed portable massage chair

Holistic Massage Therapy -


Deeply relaxing, with a healing touch

Holistic massage therapy requires a delicate balance of intuitive awareness, healing touch, an integrated understanding of how the body, mind and spirit  energetically exist together and a general understanding of holistic health.  


 Through a set of integrative holistic massage therapy practices, you will be treated as a whole person rather than a series of separate body parts, and work in an integrated way to relax and  re-align your limbs, spine, breath and nervous system in order to create a space to destress and realign your bodymind's natural energy system.

Jane has been practicing holistic bodywork, in particular holistic massage therapy since 1994 for over 2 decades. She has developed a unique series of techniques, which ensure a  high quality of deep relaxation and healing connection with each person she works with. She also has a heightened sense of intuitive touch, which usually enables her to get to the root of an issue and work with you to make swift progress in stress reduction and the release of muscular tension.

 How it works

When you first come for a holistic massage you will receive a health consultation to help establish an overall picture of any health concerns that you would like to work with during the session.  

You will then receive a deeply relaxing treatment which combines working with positive healing touch with some gentle breathing techniques, which help to calm your nervous system.

Generally, there will either be some relaxing background music/sounds supporting your deep relaxation process, and as this is time for you to wind down and switch off, you are invited to simply relax, let go and not have to concern yourself with smalltalk or conversation, as, this is a sacred space for you to simply recieve, and let go.


Jane always makes sure that you feel warm, comfortable and she will always hold a safe space for the healing and relaxation process to occur. Whether you are within the comfort of your own home or at the Natural Health Clinic in West Kirby. 


What can Holistic Massage Therapy Help with?

There are a number of conditions that Holistic Massage therapy can assist in the management of and relief from, which include the following:


  What it can help with?

  •  inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or tendonitis

  • recovery from muscular spasms, sprains and strains

  • back, neck and shoulder pain or tension

  • sciatica

  • reduction of stress related symptoms, such as high blood pressure, anxiety and lack of sleep


    What can it do for my body?


  • It can calm the nervous system  

  • encourages a sense of deep relaxation

  • releases 'happy hormones' such as oxytocin into the body 

  • can help with pain relief

  • drains the lymphatic fluid

  • boosts the blood circulation

  • helps to calm the mind through physical relaxation and vie versa

  • releases and eases muscular tension from the body

Can it do for anything for my mental and emotional wellbeing?


Taking the time out to wind down, relax and be the recipient of some positive therapeutic touch, allows the mind to switch off from mental chatter and emotions to move. Basically  'e-motion' is energy in motion, so, holistic massage can help to calm and release stressful emotions, and return the 'bodymind' to a more balanced state of being . Sometimes a session can bring an old trauma or feeling to the surface, which can be worked with on a deeper level through an integrative bodywork session, which may combine a combination of somatic movement , breathwork, dreamwork, soundwork, with touch and deep rest etc.

All Massage Treatments are by appointment only

To book please call or text Jane on 


uk mobile: 07722527733

Treatments are available at your home or at:


The Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic

70-72 Grange Rd 

West Kirby,


CH48 4EG 

Massage in Liverpool

Some Treatments in Liverpool are available on request.