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Intuitive Bodywork - Holistic Massage


Why not treat yourself the transformative gift of a intuitive bodywork session of a healing holistic massage. A therapy for the mind body and soul. A chance to drop down, relax and let go into sacred hands of therapeutic healing artistry. An excellent way to step out of the business of 'doing' and return to the humanness of being. Rest and restore as Jane rebalances your  subtle energy systems through the gift of touch. 

Allow yourself to stop and rest and recieve, and the rest will take care of the rest...

Back Massage
Oil Massage

  What can it help with?

  • help to ease the symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • calms the nerves

  • relaxes the muscles

  • soothes the soul

  • mobilises the joints

  • rebalances energy levels

  • balances the chakra system

  • can support a healthier sleep

  • can re-set the whole body

  • It can support the immune system

  • boosts the circulation

  • Can help with back problems

  • Eases ​sciatica or neck and shoulder tension

  • Stimulates Oxytocin  (the Happy Hormone) in the body


Seated Massage

What is seated massage?

Seated Massage is a really fast , effective and convenient way to relax, re-energise and re-boot your energy system. Especially if you are always 'on-the-go'

Based on a combination of ancient acupressure, and percussive techniques, this massage is performed over clothing on a portable ergonomically designed massage chair which is super comfy. You will love it!

chair massage.jpeg

How Much is it?

Holistic Massage and Intuitive Bodywork

45 mins                                                                                      £45

1 hr                                                                                             £55

1hr 30 mins                                                                                £80

2 hrs   integrated  intuitive bodywork & healing session          £100                       

Seated Massage

45 minutes                                                                                                       £45

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