Dreamwork - The Medicine of Dreaming

Our dreams are powerful creatures unto themselves, they are often filled with mystery and colour and the stories of our souls which defy logic and give us access to our deepest feelings. Yet they can also become tremendous tools for accessing the incredible wisdom of our subconscious, like subtle guideposts towards our next step.

Sometimes our dreams are in glorius technicolour, and sometimes they are dark and scary. Yet through the methods and practices of dreamwork even a nightmare can become a messenger for transformation and healing. They are sometimes so rich, that they can be jam packed with symbol and meaning.

Dreams have been a part of indigenous wisdom, across many cultures for many thousands of years. Shamans and Medicine men and women from all continents have been able to make medicine of their mystery, and gain healing, wisdom and insight from their prophetic nature from the beginning of time. They can also serve as a gateway to the aspect of human consciousness, which is sometimes known as non-ordinary reality.


In essence they are a place of no-judgement, no-logic, and  enable us to access a place of limitless potential within ourselves. We can even learn to love our 'inner weirdo' when we begin to work with them in positive and transformative ways.

A dreamwork session, may include a variety of approaches, to working with your dream, from using some meditation, some gentle reflection, some art making, some free-writing, and perhaps even some sound and movement, to help you to move through un-integrated emotions in new  and creative ways to assist you and guide you to the next part of your journey. 

This particular type of dreamwork, encourages you to become the master of your own dream wisdom, instead of reading from a dream dictionary or relying upon someone elses interpretation of your dream, you are encouraged to develop your intuition and find your own gifts of meaning and purpose in the process.