Dreamwork - The Soul Medicine of Dreaming

Awaken your inner dreamer 

The Art of conscious dreaming exists within the timeless realms of non-ordinary reality.


Most indigenous cultures, stem from ancient dreaming cultures....where the dreamtime is considered to be the 'real' reality where wisdom resides, creates, and informs. In some indigenous communities it is still common practice to share  the night-time dreaming with the community, in order to integrate that wisdom into daily life. 


In In most western civilisations, the important messages that our dreams carry, have simply been forgotten, disregarded, and disassociated from, with regards to treating them as an abundant source of intuitive wisdom, creative inspiration, and often healing or spirituallly awakening experiences. 


Of course, to the artists, poets, shamans, musicians and mystical explorers of this world, our dreams bring  powerful  insight and inspiration, sometimes  bringing a more meaningful connection to the stories and happenings which play out in our waking life.  


The stories of our souls often defy logic and give us access to our deepest longings. They can also become tremendous tools for accessing the incredible wisdom of our subconscious, like subtle guideposts towards our next step.

Sometimes our dreams are ecstatic symphonies of light and glorius technicolour, and sometimes they can unsettle us with  the feelings of our worst nightmares.


Yet through the methods and practices of dreamwork even a nightmare can become a messenger for transformation and healing. Through dreamwork, we learn to befriend the messages of the light and the shadowy depths and treat them with equanimity and respect, through creative process.


In essence our dreams are a place of no-judgement, no-logic, and  enable us to access a place of limitless potential within ourselves, when we learn how to listen to the our soul's whispers. 

A dreamwork session, may include a variety of approaches, to working with your dream, from using breathwork, Soundwork  meditation, shamanic drum journeying, gentle reflection,  art making, some free-writing, and perhaps even some sound and movement, to help you to move through un-integrated emotions in new  and creative ways to assist you and guide you to the next part of your journey. 

This particular type of dreamwork, encourages you to become the master of your own dream wisdom, instead of reading from a dream dictionary or relying upon someone elses interpretation of your dream, you are encouraged to develop your intuition and find your own gifts of meaning and purpose in the process, thus becoming the master of your own mystery.

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'The Dreamer's Breath'
a course in exploring
The Art of Conscious Breathing and Dreaming

(currently only 1-2-1 sessions are available)