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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon


Conscious Dreaming is the
en language
of the soul.....


What is Dreamwork?

Do you ever wake up from a powerful dream and wonder where you have just been? 


Is there a part of you who is curious to know whether the images, feelings or sounds of your nighttime dreams hold a deeper meaning and are trying to tell you something, that perhaps your waking everyday consciousness hasn't quite been able to fathom out?

Working with your dreams on a more conscious level, can give you the sense of clarity you are looking for, and support your waking life decision making capabilities, by bringing you into a closer  sense of connection with your own true wisdom.  

Working with intention in your dreamlife, and with various  intuitive techniques, you can learn to navigate the pathways of your own creative potential and come into alignment with a deeper sense of  your self-awareness in order to align with and recognise your true potential in your waking life.

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The Dreamer's Breath

The Dreamer's Breath online 1-2-1 sessions are available online either as stand alone sessions, or as part of a series of  'Dreamer's Breath' sessions, where a unique blend of healing arts such as, Dreamwork, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Shamanic & Yogic modalities are woven together in a uniquely magical session of inner sight and transformational practices. (click here for more information)

More details to follow.....

The Forgotten Art of Conscious Dreaming

Many indigenous cultures, stem from ancient dreaming cultures.... from Tibetan Dream Yoga practices, to Shamanic Lucid dreaming,  the dreamtime is considered to serve as a broader aspect of conscious reality. The Dreamtime is considered to be a sacred space where wisdom  can guide, inspire and inform life from a broader more multidimensional perspective.


In some indigenous communities it is common practice to share  the night-time dreaming with the community each morning, in order draw guidance for the day, connecting the community with the ancestral spirit of the land, and wisdom of conscious listening. 

Within the context of contemporary western life, most of us have lost a sense of reverence, for creating the space to explore our dreams, so to schedule in a dreamwork session or make time for a group workshop can be the ideal way, to create some space to dream and explore your imagination 

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