Dreamwork - The Soul Medicine of Dreaming

Awaken your inner dreamer 

Do you ever wonder if your dreams hold a deeper meaning? what if your soul is trying to communicate something of your deeper soul purpose to you via the language of your dreams? 

Do you know that through  following the methods and practices of dreamwork, even the darkest nightmare can become a messenger for your own transformation and healing.


Through dreamwork, we learn to befriend the messages of the light, the shadowy and the everyday depths alike, and learn to work with our intuition, through creative practice. 

In many cultures from the Tibetans, Indians and Africans to Native and South American cultures, The dreaming state forms an integral part of spiritual practice, to observe and interact with as part of a deeper connection to the nature of existence.   

A lot of indigenous cultures, stem from ancient dreaming cultures....where the dreamtime is considered to be the 'real' reality, which is where wisdom resides, creates, and informs. In some indigenous communities it is still common practice to share  the night-time dreaming with the community, in order draw guidance and give deeper meaning to connecting with daily life. 


In most western civilisations, the important language of 'how to read our dreams', has simply been forgotten, disregarded, and disassociated from to the point where dreamwork may be considered too 'woo-woo' to include in our busy everyday lives.


Aside from the artists, poets, shamans, musicians and mystical explorers of this world, who have  remained in connection with their dreams  for inspiration and creative connection.


Our dreams often hold the key to our deepest longings and our hearts desires as we move towards a deeper connection with who we truly are. Dreamwork, sometimes combined with breathwork can help us to move through the shadows of our deepest fears, and access our true potential in life. 


In essence our dreams are a place of no-judgement, no-logic, and  enable us to access a place of limitless possibility both in our nighttime dreaming and in our everyday lives.  

A dreamwork session, may include a variety of approaches to working with your dream,  
This particular type of dreamwork, encourages you to become the dream master of your own mystery, by learning to dialogue with the different parts of your dreaming self.