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About  Sacred Tree

Hello, my name is Janie Orrell, and I work under the name of Sacred Tree Healing Arts . I have been working within the field of healing arts since 1994 (that's 28 years! and yes, I am that old! and still learning!). I  specialised for many years in holistic bodywork, and yoga, and  I have more recently  trained as a  trauma informed facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathwork with Integrative Breath. I am also an artist, and avid dreamer and all round creative explorer.


Recently I have been developing my passion for exploring the hidden language of dreams, in the form of practicing and studying various types of dreamwork, including shamanic lucid dreaming practices and dream yoga. It has opened up a deeper connection to my  inner 'cave of dreams', and as the wheel of the year begins to enter the darkness in the Western Hemisphere, I can feel my inner bear, preparing to rest and prepare for the insights of the winter's dream.


Throughout the lockdown in 2020 I began to take a deep dive healing journey into exploring the power of my breath and combining that journey with decoding the hidden language of my dreams. Within this process I've realised that my dreams and meditations have always been with me. They have served as powerful guides and sometimes divine messengers especially at important times in my life.


 For example when my Dad passed away in 2009, I had a powerful dream a few days before hand about some sort of ascension process. I won't go into detail here, but It gave me a great deal of peace of mind when he passed from his body, as somehow the dream felt like I knew where he was going, and it felt really beautiful and expansive at the time. To me this was a medicine dream.


I've also experienced powerful healing dreams when I was studying with a Himalayan yogi master as part of the esoteric nature of of the practice at the time, we would arrive for teachings in the morning, and he would ask, 'OK who's had dreams?' more often than not, many of his students would have met up with him in their dreams, and experienced some sort of healing in one form or another. 


There are many more stories to tell, from childhood totem dreams to interconnected dreams, but basically I now feel like my dreams are guiding me to share this work with others now, as a healing modality and combine it with the transformative power of conscious connected breathwork.

Over the  years, my work and my studies have taken me to various branches of the healing tree, which has given me a broad foundation of understanding of both holistic wellbeing, and spiritual development from several different perspectives.


As I move through the 'ever changing now' of life, I'm becoming more and more interested in finding ways to work with shining a light on the  shadows of the more 'hidden' aspects of self and integrating them with the true light of everyday awareness.


 It's deep, rich, intuitive, connective and creative work, and it feels like it is much needed in a world where the  deeper wounds of an anxious and stressed society, cannot be healed by mind alone.


We need to reconnect with our sacred tool kit, to remember who we are from the inside, to honour our body's wisdom and the ebbs and flow of the natural cycles in life, to come back into alignment with Spirit's Grace. 


Many people have experienced some sort of traumatic event in their lives, whether it has been, a big trauma or a little trauma, developmental, environmental, ancestral, or even part of a collective trauma. Over time, this can really shape the way relate to ourselves, each other and the planet.


Sometimes, it's just time to try and do things differently, and change the way we see and feel about life, to question our own emotional patterns, and try something new. Sometimes the old ways in which we've needed to protect ourself or feel safe in the past, no longer serve us, as we begin to open the door, to find 'Joy' waiting patiently on the doorstep, having been sat out in the cold for months, and sometimes years.


Sometimes we need to acknowledge the more difficult emotions, like sadness or anger, fearfulness or shame. This work accommodates those difficult places, and helps us to compost the old stories, in order to sew the seeds of something new in life, through the unconditional eyes of loving presence and awareness.. 


I've found through my own experiences, that Breathwork and Dreamwork can really support this process, in both gentle and powerful ways. And as I walk this path through my own hopes and fears, discovering where my own edges lie,  it gives me a great  sense of compassion and understanding, in wanting to share these processes with others. 


It works! Its not always easy, but it works!


I am now offering  group sessions,  a six week programme both live and online  and also private one-to-one sessions in  breathwork and dreamwork.  

 If any of this resonates with you and you feel like you would like to do some work with me, then please be in touch and let's see where we can begin.... likewise, if you are part of a group of people, who would like to explore this work further, then please be in touch and we can have a chat about whether this work feels right or not. 

My intentions and prayers are always to create a safely held, confidential and inclusive space for intuitive healing, creative exploration and self-inquiry. My wish is for you to become the sovereign dreamer of your own life and discover the magic and inspiration of The Dreamer's Breath.

I offer this up

In gratitude and light,


to honour  that which has gone before, 

to make space, for that which is yet to come....

with a prayer to mother earth, father sky, grandmother moon, and grandfather sun....and the benevolent nature of the great cosmic spirit of existence


for all our relations






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