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About sacred Tree



My name is Janie Orrell, and I am the founder of Sacred Tree Healing Arts. I have been a holistic health practitioner since 1994, and I have also been teaching yoga since 2004. I have explored many branches of the healing tree, including many years of  practicing holistic bodywork, massage, shamanic healing, reiki, magnified healing, pranic healing, as well as the healing aspects of yoga, meditation , mantra, dreamwork, and Conscious Connected Breathwork. I enjoy it all.


At heart I am a dreamer, an artist, an inner priestess and a free thinker, and I also like to sing and dance whenever I can.


In reality I dance between the chaos and calmness of everyday life and various states of consciousness that walking the path of the heart may bring. I'm a bit of a slow coach, and I love to relax when I can, (although its not always possible) and this is where I often feel inspired and more connected to the whispers of spirit.



As I move towards the wisdom years, I welcome, the light, the shadow and everything in between, as it is all part of my soul's path back home to itself. 


My intention for life is to continue to work on myself, to explore life as best I can, remembering that where there are shadows, there is always light to follow. And as I  walk this path,

then so too do I offer my work both inner and outer, to the service of the spirit of our beautiful Mother Earth, and The spirit of the Great Mystery.

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