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One on One Yoga Sessions


Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a simple introduction to yoga, ( a bit of breathe, stretch and relax) or a seasoned yogi, looking to deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophy, mantra, meditation, pranayama a yoga 1-2-1 session can be an ideal way to develop and enhance your general understanding of your own personal practice.

A one to one personalised session, can give you a uniquely personalised perspective, on areas of practice you would like to develop, and it can also provide you with the opportunity to ask questions along the way. 

Together we will unwind our way through the body mind and spirit, by incorporating breathing practices (Pranayama) stretches (Asana) and meditation (Dhyana) and relaxation techniques, as we deepen our awareness of yogic practice. 

With an attitude of soft inquiry, we will explore whatever aspects of yoga begin to weave their way into the practice, through the lens of 'present moment awareness' 

Jane brings her own blend of 20 years of yogic practice experience into each session. 

1 x 90 minute session              £60

3 x 90 minute sessions            £150



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