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Yoga 1-2-1 Sessions

Personal 1-2-1  Yoga Sessions


A yoga 1-2-1 session can be an ideal way to develop and enhance your general understanding of yoga practice, whether you are a complete beginner looking for a simple introduction to yoga in order to wind down and de-stress or looking to deepen your practice, with breath work, meditation and yogic philosophy, a 1-2-1 session or  as series of sessions may be just the thing for you.


Its not just about how bendy you are or are not, but rather how can you cultivate an awareness of how you sit, stand and move in your bodymind from moment to moment. Together we will work with breathing techniques (Pranayama) stretches (Asana) and meditation (Dhyana) and relaxation techniques which will help to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance and awaken an awareness of the body's subtle energy system, or life force which in Sanskrit is called 'Prana'. 


Yoga helps to develop a spiritual toolkit for how we can move through life's ups and downs on every level. It can also form an important part of the path to self-love and loving awareness in the world.

A 90 minute session with Jane is available in your home for  £45

0r you can book a series of 3 sessions for £120  (saves £15)

or a six week bespoke course for £240 (saves £ 30)

call or text Jane on her UK mobile 



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