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Invest in yourself

Invest in Yourself

Your health is your greatest wealth. Maintaining a healthy and  balanced connection between your body, your heartmind, and your  soul's true purpose is the greatest journey we can make during these times of rapid change. 

Investing in your body mind & soul health  is one of the most important things you can do to support yourself through awareness and embodiment practices, which support your whole being through these times of constant change.

Offerings & Prices

Conscious Connected Breathwork


Breathwork One- to -One 

One to One Online   1 x 1hr 30 mins                 £70 / £60 conc.

One to One In Person  1 x 1hr 30 mins              £80 / £70 conc. (+approx

£10 travel depending on distance)

Series of 3 x 1hr 30 mins  Online sessions         £200


Sessions can be held online or in person. If the sessions are held in person, it will be at your home, if it is on the wirral then there is no extra charge. If it is further a field, travel time and fuel costs will be taken into consideration depending on location.

Monthly 'Live' Group 'Circle & Ceremony'  

Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions

Ullet Rd Church, Liverpool - (first Sunday of month 3-5pm)

1 x  2 hrs Live Group Circle & Ceremony Session              

£25 standard / £20 concession/ lower income

Monthly Online Group 'Breathe Yourself Home' Sessions

Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions

Online on Zoom

1 x  2 hrs Live Group Circle & Ceremony Session                

£15 Abundant /£12 standard / £10 lower income

Check Online Circle & Ceremony page for dates & details



One to One Online 1 x 1hr 30 mins session                            £70/ £60 conc.

Series of  3x 1hr 30 min sessions  (1-2-1 sessions)                     £200


The Dreamer's Breath

A unique blending of Healing Arts including Conscious Connected Breathwork, Dreamwork, Shamanic and Yogic modalities. 

One to One Online   1 x 3hr session                                             £160 

Series of 3 x 3hr  Online sessions                                                  £499

Women's Yoga Circle   

Calm@Church Farm, Thurstaston, Wirral  

Monday evenings 7.30pm until 9pm

1hr 30mins  Drop in                                                                        £10

6 x 1hr 30min                                                                                   £50

Yoga One to One Sessions

Online 1 x 1hr 30 minute session                                      £70/£60 conc.

3 x 1hr 30 mins                                                                  £200/£180 conc.

Yoga Online Monthly Immersions

Dates, times and prices vary according to event. 

If you are feeling curious about any of our offerings,  and would like to book a free
consultation call, then please get in touch, and we can schedule a short  phone or online consultation call.

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