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Yoga Classes 

Jane Orrell has been teaching yoga since 2004, and teaching on the Wirral in the UK, since 2006. originally training in Sivananda Yoga in Kerala in India, she now blends her own unique style of working into her classes, which includes some gentle dance like warm up movements inspired by 5 rhythms dance and other practices, she loves to weave in the inspiration of the elements into her classes. Hence the name elemental yoga.


 Her classes are mainly an offering of space to 

Breathe,move, sometimes dance,  stretch and relax which includes the practice of meditation and sometimes visualisation. Basically it is a process of letting go of the day and coming into present moment awareness, in the body, mind and spirit. There is usually a nice long relaxation at the end, and classes are gentle and intuitive.


Sometimes there is a short sharing circle to share ponderings and reflect, though it is not necessary to do so if you feel not to.

The benefits of coming to an elemental  yoga classes are


  • gives  you the tools to relax and connect with the healing power of the heart

  • it is a place to connect with yourself and others 

  • The class is held as an inclusive, safe space for personal reflection and connection

  • It can help to lengthen and strengthen the musculoskeletal system in the body

  • Encourages the development of a strong sense of grounded and centred support, within the body, mind and spirit

  • It gives the tools to aid the calming of the mind, and the chatter of the mind, which essentially supports mental health and wellbeing

  • It helps to bring the nervous system back into balance

  • Increases the potential of the lung capacity through focused breathwork

  • You can learn the techniques for mindful meditation, and deep relaxation, no matter from where you begin. (beginners are welcome)

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