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Yoga Classes 

Jane Orrell has been teaching yoga since 2004, and teaching on the Wirral in the UK, since 2006. She holds a safe space to practice, for both beginners and more seasoned yogis alike. She works intuitively responding to whatever the needs of the class are in any one session. 


The main focus of her class is to let the processes of Breathing, stretching, relaxing and meditating unfold, as the different techniques are practised. Most of the techniques are gentle to intermediate, and she offers alternative postures for specific areas of challenge, such as knee or back issues etc. should you need it. She has also been a practicing massage therapist since 1996, and so has a gentle, safe and intuitive sense of healing touch when/ if she adjusts you during the class.  Her classes are warm inclusive and friendly.


The emphasis of her classes range from the more physical aspects of  physical alignment  in the postures, to guided breathing practices and the more spiritual aspects of  visualisation and meditation, to enable a return to feeling whole again, hopefully by the end of the class! (especially if you come in feeling a bit broken biscuits!)


Sometimes there is a short sharing circle to share ponderings and reflect, though it is not necessary to do so if you feel not to. Sometimes the sessions are just simple yoga practices, depending on the energy of the class.

The other aspect of yoga which Jane has a natural connection to is the chanting of sanskrit mantras. These are sacred sounds which connect us to the universe in ways which are different to the everydayness of life.  In her personal practice, she has been working with mantra and sacred sounds since 2004. She sometimes holds workshops on the chanting of mantra which is a profound and powerful aspect of yoga, so if you are interested in this please ask.

The benefits of coming to one of Jane's yoga classes are

In essence it gives the tools to relax and connect with the healing power of the heart

  • There smiles available as a free gift

  • The class is held as an inclusive, safe space for personal reflection and connection

  • It may help to lengthen and strengthen the musculoskeletal system in the body

  • Encourages the development of a strong sense of support, within the body, mind and spirit

  • It gives the tools to aid the calming of the mind, and the chatter of the mind, which essentially supports mental wellbeing

  • It can rewire the nervous system, towards a more relaxed state of being, when practiced regularly 

  • Increases the potential of the lung capacity through focused breathwork

  • You can learn the techniques for mindful meditation, and deep relaxation, no matter from where you begin. (beginners are welcome)

  • Everyone is welcome to come and try a class from beginners to seasoned yogis

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