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Woodland Journeys

What  happens on a Woodland Journey?

A woodland journey is an opportunity to bathe in the delights of the woods. it is a form of nature therapy, with a guide to enable you to truly relax in a natural environment and cultivate a more harmonious relationship with nature.

where the participant can become fully present in each moment, without the distractions of technology and schedules. It is an opportunity to wind down, re-connect with yourself and nature  and to rest, recharge and reflect. It is about remembering how to touch and be touched by nature. How to fully engage the senses of  sight, smell, touch and sometimes taste,  as well as engaging the ‘inner felt sense’ of things,whilst encouraging the imagination to come into play.

It is has been said that every person has an 'inner forest' within the realms of their memory or imagination, the invitation on a woodland journey, is to bring the inner forest and the outer woodlands together.

In Japan there is a popular practice called Shinrin-Yoku which, when literally translated, means 'forest bathing'. It has been recognised by scientists as producing many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. But the practice of forest bathing is not necessarily just about going for a walk or a hike in the forest or woods, it is about slowing down and engaging the senses, and coming into a sense of 'beingness' over 'doingness' 

Do you find it hard to switch off mentally due to the stresses and busy schedule of modern life? Do you want to relax but sometimes just don't know how to? Do you want to make some healthy and creative changes in your lifestyle, but are not sure how? or what to do? Well then a woodland journey may be just what you are looking for?

If you live in the Wirral  or Merseyside Area, and are working from home and bored of the lockdown blues, then a one-to one Woodland Journey in the 'Wild Wirralian Woods' may be just what you are looking for. Each session will be a bespoke lesson centered around you'. You can also think of it as a  guided mini-retreat, which is practically on your doorstep.


What are the Benefits of a Woodland Journey?

Depending on what sort of Journey you choose, and for how long, the benefits may differ slightly, but they can include the following:

  • Creates a space to pause and reflect


  • Positive effects on physical, emotional and mental health and well-being


  • It engages you with the many therapeutic effects of being in nature in a meaningful way


  • It can inspire and encourage you to engage in a soft spiritual inquiry, in times of disconnect and isolation.


  • It Encourages a compassionate reciprocal relationship with nature and the elements


  • It creates a deeper sense of self-awareness


  • It can help to shift your perspective on things


  • Can help to heal and rebalance and feel a sense of gratitude for the abundance of wisdom which nature has to show us.


How it works?


At present we are only able to offer Bespoke Private socially distanced Sessions for individuals, couples who live in the same household, or families who live in the same household. We hope to offer more group sessions at a later date.


So all you need to do is fill out an inquiry form, expressing what you hope to gain from a woodland journey, and which aspects of woodland life you are interested in developing. It is also good to know how much time you are interested in spending in the Wild Wirralian Woods! The amount of time and money you invest in a woodland journey varies according to what your needs are. You are first asked to answer a few questions in the form below, in order for us to find out what area you are looking to explore.


You can fill out an inquiry form here

There is no obligation to book, by filling out the form, it just lets us see if we can offer the right thing for you.

We are so looking forward to potentially supporting you on your Woodland Journey.

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