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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon

The Art of Dreaming and Breathing




SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2022   1pm -5PM (4hrs) 

Prices range from

£45 - £55  depending on income, If you feel drawn to this work and finding the funds is an issue, then please be in touch and we can discuss another option 


What is it? 


Dream Wisdom

In many indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions, dreams are and have been used as pathways to the deeper wisdom of the soul as part of daily life. In some cultures a morning dream sharing circle forms the fundamental basis of how the day will be lived, and will play an important role in the way the community places its focus and energy for the day. In this one day workshop, we will be looking at how our dreams can help to bring us into connection with ourselves and each other. 

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Breath Wisdom

The breath is the bridge between our inner and outer life. It is something we all share, yet how often do we really take the time to explore and honour this sacred gift as a medicine for Body , mind and Soul? The latin word ‘Inspiritus’ ( which means ‘into life’ , ‘into soul’, ‘into breathing’. It is the root of the word ‘Inspiration’ which weaves its way into the creative aspect of this workshop. Conscious Connected Breathwork is an amazing tool for helping us to ‘unblock our creative pipes’. It helps us to breathe into, and heal the stories of our waking mind, and feel into the deeper yearnings of the body, heart and soul, whilst being held in within the safe container of the sacred circle.  We breathe through a wave of music, which helps to bring us into connection with the inner dreamer, healer and artist. 

To read more about the benefits of breathwork click here


Creative Inquiry

For as long as we know, Art has formed an intrinsic part of life. The process of expressive mark-making, like music is language of the soul. Potentially every one of us has an inner artist waiting to be expressed, yet often times the demands of our everyday lives take president. In this space we will move through a series of explorations which aim to basically give ourselves permission to let go of expectations, and self judgment, journey towards  exploring a new way of seeing things from within. We will simply play with colour, shape, symbol and form as we explore the hidden treasures of our Soul’s dreaming. 


Applied Wisdom

Once we learn to communicate with the deeper self, via the art of dreaming and breathing, we will also look at how we can apply what we have discovered and integrate it into our daily living as part of the inner compass which guides us through both difficult and joyful times alike. 

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