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Sounds of Samhain

Date: Saturday 31st October 2020
Investment: £30/£25 concessions
Facilitators: Janie Orrell and Katy Shay

Traditionally Samhain (pronounced Sa-wen) is one of the four Celtic fire festivals of the year, which is marked by rituals to honour the passing of the harvest season, which makes the transition from the lighter part of the year to the darker time ahead. It coincides with Halloween where it is said across many traditions that the veil of separation between those who are currently living on the earth, and the ancestors and loved ones who have passed into spirit, is at its thinnest. It is a time when an the ancestors and relations who have gone before us, may be honoured and and remembered for the lessons, gifts and foundations they have laid, in order for us to be who we are today. (whether the memory of these souls is a positive or negative experience) It is also a time when we can connect with other guides and angels in the spirit realm, who are generally the aspects of universal consciousness which help us navigate, the rough and the smooth of life.

So creating a space for the rituals which help us connect with an attitude of gratitude and the principles of letting go, is a perfect way to celebrate Samhain.

In the northern hemisphere, Samhain enables us to journey inwards and embrace the gifts of the coming darkness.
In contemporary life, all too often the artificial use of light beyond the natural cycles of the day (and our attempts to chase it, prologue it and stay in it) prevent us from experiencing the rich transformational gifts of that which is dark.
We have lost touch with so much of our natural intuitive rhythms, which connect us with the cycles of nature, our imagination, the relationship between the waking and the dreaming states, the use of metaphor and myth within our intuitive psyche, and also with how we play out the stories of our lives.

The darkness is a time, where we can find true riches within the shadow aspect of our whole self, finding ways to transform challenge, chaos and disconnect into something quite beautiful when we learn to embrace it all.

Creating the space to journey inwards at this time of year, we align with the leaves and the acorns falling to the ground, the seeds who sit dormant within the earth, the creatures who stock up for the winter and hibernate, the psychic cycles of the moons wisdom, the creative potential of the sacred wombspace, and the deep dark divine feminine aspects of the self, which invite us into a sense of nurture and trust in the broader circles of incubation birth, life, death and rebirth, as mother nature shows us in so many ways.

In this workshop we will invite you to firstly allow yourself some time and dedicate a space in your schedule to turn inwards and tune in through a creative journey of sound, ritual and silence.
we will use the shamanic drum and the pure sounds of crystal singing bowls, to take you on a journey into divine feminine. we will also look at how mythology and storytelling can be tools for enrichment as we move through times of isolation or deeper change. There may be some voice work to depending on how we intuitively create a space together.

So the invitation here is to come, rest, unravel if you need to and listen to the call of the deeper you. As we learn to re-wild the self, we also learn to honour the chaos, the meltdowns, the confusions, and the challenges in life as they guide us back to the primordial super-natural (super and natural) self, which is connected rather than isolated.

Together we will create a transformative circle to honour that which has gone before us, and enabling us to look at and release the old patterns which no longer work for us, as we move deeper into the riches of realising the wholly alive self as part of a wholly alive and connected community.

Please book before coming and bring
a blanket,
a cushion if you need one,
an eye mask or scarf to cover the eyes,
some tasty veggie snacks to share
some snuggly layers of clothing.
some water to drink

To book contact Janie Orrell or Katy Shay on fb messenger,
or call Jane on 07722527733 or Katy on 07885 288490

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