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 Yoga & Healing Arts Community Week 

with Janie Orrell and friends

Anilio, KaliKalos, Pilion, Greece 

24th - 31st  August , 2019


Community   'KaliKalos' means 'Good Good' in Greek. The essence of this holistic holiday community is about finding a healthy balance between self, community and nature in order to live well.

The daily sharing circles form the foundation of the kalikalos community. A place to arrive, share if you feel to, laugh, cry, listen, reflect and learn about what feels alive within you and the community each day. Its a great way to connect, get to know people, perhaps gain a different perspective on life, whilst also get to know how the community works, and how you can make the most of your time at Anilio. In essence you become a member of the community during your stay, which is a great way to bring meaning and connection to your stay at Anilio. 


 Gentle morning yoga sessions will set the tone for the day as we work with the many different aspects of yogic practice, including breath work, stretch, relaxation, mantra and meditation as we journey through the chakras and their related elements during the course of the week. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. We will be embracing the gifts of what allowing ourselves to slow down and stop can bring. Janie offers a heart-based practice, incorporating a variety of aspects of yoga, including gentle Sivananda hatha, pranayama, meditation and mantra, bhakti,  and kundalini kriya yoga. All are welcome in each class, its not about how bendy you are, more about the invitation to open to the riches within. The morning practice will form a firm foundation for all other aspects of the retreat to come into balance. We may take our practice down to the beach for one of the morning sessions for a 'yoga dip'



In Greek mythology, the Pelion mountain region is considered the home of Chiron the centaur (part human, part horse, part God), who was known as the archetypal wounded healer in Greek Mythology. He was famed for his knowledge of earth 
magic and healing as a result of his own journey. The story of Chiron tells of a journey of transformation from the wounded self towards the light of the self-healed soul. 

Inspired by the metaphor of Chiron and we will, work with the energies of surrounding nature and let the mountains the trees, the waterfalls, sun and sea guide us on our own journey into fullness. As the intention of our healing adventure is to create a well rounded holistic experience, we will dip our toes in many different experiences, some of  which, may include healing touch, massage, movement, meditation, mantra chanting, heart song, and Shamanic drum journeying as well as  creating art and ritual in nature to nourish and nurture our soul's wishes.  sometimes the only healing we require is to allow ourselves to stop and rest deeply. and then the rest itself, takes care of the rest.

Creative Arts


Each day we will focus upon  the qualities of an element, to bring focus to a part of ourselves and work with these energies, These sessions will interweave, the use of materials such as clay, paint, plants, stones, oils and waters etc with the stories of our lives as we journey through the  elemental alchemy of transformation through dreamwork, shamanic journeying,  expressive arts such as using sound and song.


Sacred Touch 

 Positive touch nourishes, relaxes and heals on many levels. Modern busy life sometimes leaves us disconnected from the benefits of healthy touch. Learning massage is a great way to reconnect with ourselves and others. We will learn a set of simple massage techniques, which can be performed on skin or over clothes. We will work with clear boundaries to create a safe space for healing touch.  We will ask 'What does it mean to touch and be touched?"

 Beach Trips 


At Anilio, the community really values the balance of structured activities, with the freedom to rest, roam or explore. Afternoon beach trips are popular.  Anilio is situated about a 15 minute drive from three main local beaches, Agios Yiannis, Plaka, and Papa Nero.  These beaches are  not far from the original 'Mama Mia Beach' which is situated in the village of Damouchari which can be walked to from Papa Nero again with sturdy shoes.   In the afternoons there are a couple of cars which go down to Agios Yiannis and Plaka, which then pick up again at allocated times.


There are also footpaths down the mountain which take you down to the coast, which are a lovely walk if you have a pair of sturdy sandals usually the walk down takes between 30-40 mins. If you want to stay home and do nothing but lay in a hammock, then this is all good too. Or you can visit the local villages or go to one of the magical waterfalls in the region.



Damouquari path.jpg

For Booking Enquiries Please Contact Jane Orrell Directly either by


e-mail info@sacredtreehealing or 


call/text her directly  on her UK Mobile +44(0)7722527733


before booking through the KaliKalos website


What to expect

Amenities: Our workshop space is a wonderful sheltered dance platform overlooking the forest. Accommodation is basic with options of sleeping in a tent or being in a single or shared room. Food is vegetarian with lots of lovingly grown produce coming from the community’s own gardens. 

Is this retreat for you?

We welcome all people who are looking for a creative, relaxing and inspiring week. You can be single or in a partnership, a seasoned yogi or artist, or an absolute beginner. As long as you are willing to open your heart to the magic of the moment… Come and find us in the woods and let the rest take care of the rest.

How much is it?

  • Single bed (Shared Room) – €450.00

  • Single bed (Private Room) – €600.00

  • Single bed in a Twin (Shared Room) – €525.00

  • Single bed (Tent) – €450.00


All bookings must be done through the Into the Woods page on the KaliKalos website, though we ask you to drop an e-mail to either jane or judith, to discuss any special requirements. Instructions on getting there and travel options are all on the kalikalos website.

We look forward to sharing a beautiful

space with you


Thank you 

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