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Moon lodge – An Online Women’s Circle for Samhain

with Janie Orrell and Katy Shay  

Saturday 31st October 2020 6pm - 9pm UK time (GMT)

Payment options £15 (£12 concessions according to your income or situation)

We are 'Over the Moon' to be offering you this virtual online women’s circle as we come together to celebrate the original meaning behind the festival of Halloween or Samhain (pronounced Sow-en)


What is a Moon Lodge?

We will be creating a safe online space together for ceremony, celebration and transition as we nuzzle down into the winter months.Traditionally women’s moon lodges were an integral part of community life in many indigenous cultures. They were temporary dwelling places where women could gather, bleed (menstruate), rest and connect with the wisdom and mysteries of the deep feminine. They were spaces for empowerment, creativity, psychic retreat, sacred ceremony, replenishment and healing. Historically they have been connected with the new moon, though as full moon is a time of illumination and full moon power, we will be offering our first online moon lodge during the transitional celebration of Samhain (pronounced Sow- wen)

We are also offering a space to all women, whether you are bleeding or not, no matter what your time in life is etc, the aim is to create a place of sanctuary and spiritual connection. If you are a woman in need of some time to re-connect with yourself, with an open heart and mind, this is for you.


What is Samhain?

Samhain is traditionally the transition time into the Celtic new year, when the veil between the guiding spirit of the ancestors, and the world of our everyday human existence is said to be at its thinnest. It is said to be the time of the Crone, the Wise Woman, and the time when the Dark Goddess of the wintery months comes to share her wisdom as the seeds sleep in the ground and nature conserves its energy as part of its natural cycle.


Why Honour the Ancestors?

And so in a way Samhain also becomes like a gateway or portal in the psyche for honouring the wisdom and lessons we have learned (be they a gift or a challenge or both) from or our ancestors, whether they are blood relations, soul family relations, or the ancestors of thousands of years ago who walked the earth in different ways to the ways we do now. 


Acknowledgment is a key part of the healing process. Together we will create a space for honouring the lessons we have learned. It is also a space for let go and release of the patterns and stories that no longer serve us, in order for our energies to become more aligned with what we are faced with in the here and now from a Love based perspective over fear. Sometimes the head can't fix what the spiritual heart needs to feel in its own time, and so too we will create a space to honour both grief and the healing grace of absolute joy through loving presence with ourselves and others.

Perhaps you have come across something in your everyday life, which reminds you of a loved one who has passed away, or perhaps you meet them in a dream or meditation, the stories of our ancestors can hold the key to both understanding and healing our own stories past, and the stories yet to be told.


Together we will create in the spirit of confidentiality a circle for connection, healing, laughing, crying, resting, moving, singing, journeying and deep listening to what the moment brings. 

This online event will include 


  • An Introduction to the original meaning of Samhain 

  • Ancestral Ceremonial Prayer  

  • Sharing Circle

  • Candlelight Ritual 

  • Movement Meditation

  • A Shamanic Journey

  • Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl 

  • Closing Ceremony 


What you will need


You are invited to create a nest in your home. Please make sure you will be undisturbed, warm and comfortable,Please have the following handy

  • Something to drink and perhaps some fruit or nuts to nibble on

  • Something to lie comfortably on

  • A little space to move around in 

  • A candle

  • A Journal for reflections/doodles

  • A blanket (and cushions if you need them) 


Also if you have anything like a poem or a song that you would like to share, then please mention in your booking e-mail.


We are so looking forward to sharing this space with you 


In Gratitude and Joy


Janie and Katy

















A little bit  about Jane and Katy


Janie Orrell and Katy Shay have been friends for over twenty years, both of them healers in their own modalities and teachers of yoga, their passion is to bring a little sparks of joy and magic to a world which increasingly needs it. They love roaming in the woods and seeking the healing magic of being in nature and also laughing lots. They hold space for each other both as friends and colleagues. They have held informal moonlodges, on and off over the years, and thought ‘why not offer it out online?’ in these times where finding a space to connect is paramount.


Janie Orrell has been a natural healer since practicing for many years as a holistic bodyworker and has been teaching yoga 2004. She is also an Artist and loves singing and dancing and roaming in nature making art and medicines for the soul in whatever form they take. Her work changes with the seasons, as does she. Although she has studied several paths of spirituality, from Indian to Shamanic paths she believes the basic principles of spiritual practice are grounded in love and compassion. She loves dreaming up new ideas and creating, and often has a mishcevious twinkle in her eye when an idea comes to light.  



Katy Shay is a homeopath, a Reiki Master, yoga teacher, nutritional healer and the guardian of a very special set of Crystal Alchemical Singing Bowls, which are attuned to the frequencies of the chakra system. She also loves life, and is a magical adventurer bringing a sense of joy and compassion to whatever she sets her heart and mind to. She loves creating a beautiful space for people to be in, and like Janie, also has a mischievous twinkle in her eye when she finds herself out and about in nature  and connects with her wild feminine self. 

Jane and Katy most importantly make each other laugh, which is a valuable gift to share in these times of disconnect and social isolation. They would love for you to come and share some warm-hearted healing space with them. 

How to Book and Pay

To book please send an email to Janie at​ or drop Janie Orrell a message via Facebook messenger and we will send you a confirmation of your place and a link to the zoom meeting with password. 

We are mindful of the times we are in and for this reason we are offering this at a price which is accessible, and which doesn't cost the moon!

Payment is £15 or £12 concessions

Payment can be made in one of two ways. Either by bank transfer to the following account

Name: J E Orrell

Sort code: 20-50-36

Account: 93301664

Please use reference: Moon1 when making a bank transfer (and inform us of any differences between the name you are booking under and the name which appears on your bank details) Thanks

Alternatively you can make a 'friends and family' payment to Janie via her paypal link below. Just fill in the amount of either £15 or £12 for whichever is appropriate for your income or life situation.

Thanks So Much

We really look forward to sharing the wisdom of the moon with you. 

Janie and Katy


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