Gentle Elemental Yoga 

Friday Mornings Online - On Zoom 

£7 per class

£42 for a 6 week block 

This is a lovely gentle flow class, all are welcome.  You are invited to create a space in your home where you can breathe, stretch, move and relax. Together each week we will focus upon the theme of an element / chakra and explore how it weaves its way through the body mind spirit connection. Each element relates to a different part of our body, and a different aspect of consciousness within the context of the soul's journey, especially through these challenging times.


The aim is to create a space, for us to observe, feel and notice how we are thinking, feeling and watching the world as we face the current challenges both Globally and individually. The intention is to feed into the more nourishing inner voice of centered internal awareness as opposed to the internal rhetorics of disconnection, separation, hopelessness and fear etc during this time of Coronavirus.


 Together we will work wth creating a nurturing space for self care, and self inquiry

The session  is paced according to the  general feel of the day, Jane usually offers a quick 'check-in' where we can choose to share a word about how we are feeling when we arrive on the mat, which brings awareness to how the energy of the class will flow.


A class usually consists of some gentle warm up movements, some breathing (pranayama), visualisation meditation techniques, some stretches/ postures (asanas) to awaken and strengthen the body , and a lovely long deep relaxation (yoga nidra) at the end.

However you arrive on your mat, the main thing which is encouraged, is to feel into the needs of your own body, on the day and respond accordingly with your practice. The space is a safe, non judgmental space, which will encourage you to reflect on your own experiences, and to create a 'sanctuary of the self' in the body, mind and spirit for  you to take forwards into the the rest of your day.

This class is ideal for anyone who is looking to gently increase, flexibility, strength and learn how to properly relax at the levels of body, mind and spirit. It can also be a vehicle for self healing, transformation and the gentle expansion of consciousness.


It is an invitation to spend some much needed time with yourself, receiving, nurturing yourself, digesting and transforming and feeling as the many gifts of yogic practice have to offer us as we face the challenges of life's rich and beautiful tapestry.

The class is generally a friendly class and beginners are also welcome

here are the practical  details below

​Payments can be made by clicking on the 'Payment by Paypal' link below, which  will lead you through to my secure paypal link, or by bank Transfer when registering with Jane by text on 07722527733

So I look forward to sharing some yoga with you, where you can rest, replenish and revitalise. 


Here is the Zoom Link. You can click on the yellow button below to enter the class. Please register with Jane before hand to receive the password


If you are attending class on a phone or tablet  you will need to download the zoom app, for easy access.

Please try to arrive on time so you receive the full benefits of the class, and we can create the space together.

It is truly a time for inviting in the positive affirmation of love, light and deep trust in this process, which is bigger than us all and yet which each and every one of us is a part of are a part of.

In deepest gratitude



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